The tale of Origin of Porpoise

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Yakasi. Yakasi, being a Mising girl did not know husking paddy, spinning and weaving. She even did not know sowing and harvesting. Above all, she was an unskilled girl. For this reason, no one was ready to marry her. Her parents also insulted for her ill-fated nature. One day, she decided to suicide in the arms of the Subansiri River. She tied the ural stick on to her neck, tied the ural or “Ke:par” on the gut and jumped into the river and turned into a porpoise (sishu). The long ural stick turned into a long mouth and the ural gave a potted belly shape to the porpoise.

Source~ Book- Role of mising folk tales and folk songs in developing moral values among children a critical study. Researcher: Doley Pritilata Pegu Guide: Boro Anil Kumar Link-

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