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The Old Couple and the Fox

There was an old couple living in a village. One day they were planting yams in the field. Suddenly a fox came and after having some flattering conversation, he asked the old couple that the way of their planting yams was not proper. Rather they should plant the yams after boiling and covering them with banana plants leaves. The old couple at first denied accepting the proposal of the fox, but at last they surrendered to the consistent insistence of the fox and agreed to follow the direction of the fox in the hope of better and rapid harvesting. At night the fox along with other foxes ate up all the yams and wrapped their droppings and placed them in the holes.

On the other hand the old couple always visited the field in the hope of rapid growth of the plant but always found that the yams were never spouted. When they didn't find any sign of sprouting for many days, they grew suspicious and one day they dug up the holes and the truth came to light. They decided to teach the fox a good lesson. Accordingly one day the old woman started crying loudly and when the foxes approached the old woman told them that the old man had died and there was no one to help her in performing the last rites. The foxes promised to help the old woman; but in mind planning of a feast once again with the old mans corpse. When they entered the house to see the dead body of the man, the old woman closed the door from outside and made known her husband in pretended voice of crying. The old man who was pretending of dead started beating the foxes with a stick hidden beside him. The foxes somehow managed to escape, but got a good lesson.

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