Lockdown Mising quiz competition questions and answers.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

1. Where was the 7th Mising Youth Festival, 2020 held?

Answer: Jengraimukh,Majuli

2. Name the athlete who has won gold at the U-20 Girls Javelin Throw in the 1st National Javelin Throw Open Championship in Lucknow?

Answer: Runjun Pegu

3. In the Donyi-polo belief, what does the term "Sedi" and "Melo" means?

Answer: Sedi (The primordial Earth), Melo (The Sky)

4. In the famous folk tale “ABU-TOON-TURUNG” what was the name of the Rakshasa who mislead the

two boys to roast and eat them?


5. Translate “lullaby” into Mising?

Answer: Ko-ninam or bini

6. What is the name of the mixture-boiled rice mixed with water, conventionally used to soften the tread used in weaving by Mising women?

Answer: Ta:son

7. In the song phrase,”Rami jamin podot pakur kuryok ammalang..” what does 'pakur kurnaam” refer to?

Answer: ku:yab taknam

8. Fill up the song sung by Taraboti Mili ”kapin esid dumilo ansin esar payene,sakom ajon jonmilo ________ ___ _____ payene.

Answer: Ridoyoi nokke' agom

9. As per Youtube what is the first recorded song of late Mrinal Doley?

Answer: Adi arangki iling abu:so jiri:jiripe' asse' bitkoso

10. What is the name of the Autobiography of Rajani Kanta Patir, former chief secretary of Arunachal Pradesh?

Answer: Dawn in the East

11. What was the name of the project in which Late Prof Tabu Ram Taid work with Dr. Bhupen Hazarika which incidentally was Dr. Hazarika Last work as a film maker?

Answer: Miri Jiyori

12. Name the two young Mising lads who had started a crowdfunding initiative in Disangmukh to help the financial crisis faced by Dr. Bhupen Hazarika in materializing his project-MiriJiori?

Answer: Bikram singh Iyen and Gajiram Mili.

13. According to Govt. of India Census-2001 which MAC Constituency has the lowest percentage of ST population?

Answer: Akajan

14. The Mising Autonomous Council was established under which Act passed by Assam Legislative Assembly?

Answer: The Mising Autonomous Council was established under the Mising Autonomous Council Act, 1995 passed by Assam Legislative Assembly

15. According to Govt. of India Census-2001 which MAC Constituency has the highest numbers of ST population?

Answer: Lohitmukh

16. As per Census 2011 name the State with highest proportion of Scheduled Tribes?

Answer: Mizoram

17. As per Census of India 2001 what is the total population of Mising(Miri) in Assam?

Answer: 587310

18. According to “Mising Agom Kebang” a boy and a girl in the Mising society may get married in how many ways?

Answer: 3( Da:ro Midang, kumsu-jo:su, dugla la:nam)

19. Hello pork lovers! what is a male pig called?

Answer: yegbo

20. The animistic rite “Dobur” observed occasionally in Mising village at the community level is of how many types?

Answer: 4(Burte Dobur, Mopun Dobur, Ko:son Dobur and Raban Ko:son)

21. Translate "faith" into Mising?

Answer: Yelam

22. In which year was Mising Agom Kebang established?

Answer: 18th April 1972

23. Translate "ringworm" into Mising?

Answer: Ta:rug

24. “Dogne” a glittering gem considered very precious among Mising people is obtained from which tree?

Answer: Sera

25. According to “Mising-Eglish-Assamese” Dictionary written by Jitmal Doley,APS what does “Karko” means?

Answer: a place name of Arunachal Pradesh having importance of origin of Tani.

26. What is the hanging wooden/bamboo slab above an another slab(perap) hanging above me’rem(clay oven) called?

Answer: rabbe’ng/rabbe’

27. In Mising marriage system there is a custom in which the groom needs to stay for 5(approx.) days in bride home before marriage being solemnised?

Answer: Magbo duknam/du:nam

28. If a girls eloped for marriage in Mising society, there is a tradition in which the bride and groom need to revisit bride’s home after completing marriage rituals along with one yame(bachelor), one Mimbir( damsel) and one married woman. What is the name of this tradition called?

Answer: Ya:ge sul:lat

29. For proper solemnising of marriage, two or more person must be sent to bride home before or after solemnising of marriage. What is this tradition called?

Answer: Duktat ginam

30. In Mising tribe there is a practise during sowing and harvesting season where if there is more work in the field a help is seek from other village folks, even people from other villages too. What is this practise called?

Answer: Ri’gbo

31. In which place was Late Boga Medok and Late Noresh Taid Martyred?

Answer: Bilmukh, Lakhimpur

32. Takam Mising Porin Kébang was founded in which year?

Answer: 16th October 1971

33. Fill the nitom “Kouawa kappoyao ______ demada.

Answer: Pékkoué

34. Which great personality from Mising community did EP Gee, author of Wildlife of India, hailed as the man who put Kaziranga on the world map?

Answer: Late Mahi Chandra Miri

35. What is the name of the scheme launched by the Assam Government for the welfare of widows in the state?

Answer: Indira Miri Universal Widow Pension (IMUWP) Yojana

36. The Six Schedule of the Constitution deals with-

Answer: Administration of Tribal Areas in North-Eastern States

37. Name the IPS officer from Mising Tribe who was appointed as director of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National police academy and when(IPS Training institute)?

Answer: Dyuti Rani Doley Barman , 2017

38. Name the famous personality who was popularly known as “Mereng”? She was known for her efforts in promoting education in the North-East Frontier Agency.

Answer: Indira Miri

39. According to "Mising Agom Kebang" how many percentages of Mising population as per Census of India 2001themselves identify as Hindus?

Answer: 98.8

40. Oiya ka:po ka:nganou wé oinok ege gasorou dé

Asin ta:ré gémo duné koyémoula yirnamou dé

Kangkané kangkané sí:sang mímbír kídísok mosang ege génamou dé

Ka:yumé ka:yumé édém géla gígela

Gu:mrag maksong so:namou dé...

Stop humming and tell me in which Mising film this melodic oi:nitom is found?

Answer: Jongki Panoi

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