Agom Longé quiz questions and answers.

Updated: Jan 1


  1. The Assam Sahitya Academy gave the award "Basudev Jalan Award" for contributing towards the growth of language, literature, and culture of the ethnic communities in the region, to one of our greatest Mising personalities. Who was this personality? Ans:- Late prof. Tabu Ram Taid.

  2. For educational purposes, Mising got its recognition as a language from the government of Assam on? Ans:- 30th October 1985.

  3. Who wrote the dictionary "Agom Kumsung"? Ans:- Agom Migang Tabu Ram Taid.

  4. How many constituencies are there in MCA (Mising Autonomous Council)? Ans:- 36 constituencies and councilors.

  5. When and where was the Mising Bane Kébang formed? Ans:- 1924 Gejera gaon, Majuli.

  6. The first Mising student body was formed in 1933 and a form of it still exists as a present student body, what was its name? Ans:- Asom Miri Chatro Sammilon.

  7. Who was the recipient of the AITSAA Martyr Kamala Miri award in 2018? Ans:- Punaram Mili

  8. How many registered bangké kébang of Mising Dírbí kébang are there (till 2017)? Ans:- There are 123 of them, as of 2017.

  9. When was the Mising Derbi Kébang found? Ans:- 1980, Dhakuakhana.

  10. Two Mising personalities were crowned with the title 'Oi Appun'. Who were they? Ans:- 1. Oi Appun Ganesh Pegu 2. Oi Appun Surya Kr. Chintey.


  1. Name one of the other kinds of major God's that we Mising have, apart from Donyi-Po: lo. Ans:- Se:di Me:lo.

  2. What is Birbig? Ans:- A mythical creature in Mising belief that has the power to turn into a snake. It is believed to bring good fortune.

  3. What is the common burial ground of a village called? Ans:- Ago Golung.

  4. How many layers are there in the karé of the MURONG Okum? Ans:- Five layers.

  5. A:bangs are the old folk songs of the Mising. There are two A:bang- One is Mirrí A:bang and the A:bang is ... Ans:- Mibu Abang.

  6. What's the smooth bamboo placed near a Ko:bang called? Ans:- Do: Jang

  7. What is the inside of the Ta:dig covered with? Ans:- Kamro ékkam

  8. In the early years, the bride price was practiced by the people of the Mising community, but nowadays, only a small custom has been followed by the Mising people in the name of bride price. The bride price is known as in the Mising community. Ans:- Alig Lanam

  9. The Porag festival ends with a prayer dance. What is it known as? Ans:- Ponu Nunam.

  10. Is Pedong referred to as male or female in Mising belief? What is it known as? Ans:- Pedong na:ne (Mother Rain).


  1. What are the names of the 5 layers of the MURONG Okum karé? Ans:-Értog, Jo:pong, Bénér, Porpiam, Piso.


  1. What are "Adoli, lki, Dosnoya" ? Define each. Ans:- Coins 50,25& 10 paise coins.

  2. What is the meaning of "Takpor"? Ans:- বৰ‌‌শীৰ পুণা (A buoyant device used to support something in the water or another liquid.)

  3. What do "Gomug" and "Mukténgm" mean in Mising? Ans:- Vowels and Consonants.

  4. How many Gomugs and Mukténg are there? Ans- 14 & 17

  5. Who translated Rajani Kanta Bordoloi's "Miri Jiyori" into English? Ans:- Dr. Suranjana Barua.

  6. Annyo + Ang-ngo=? Ans:- 7 (kíníd)

  7. Konang + íyíng =? Ans:- Yí:la:nangli (11)

  8. Donsiri Donbora Nappangésin Amigdésin Ayedésin ? Ans:-

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