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23 April 1943


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Kamala Miri was a freedom fighter who sacrificed his life for the cause of independence. He was born in a very backward village area called Oportemera Mising village under Rangamati Mauza in the year 1894. His father was (late) Sutsing Miri and mother (late)Tikori Mili. Like other Leaders of freedom movement he took active part in the movement of 1942. His team of workers consisted mostly of Mising youth like Boloram Paw, Kula Pathori, Atiram Paw, Basu Paw, Adik Morang, Bepung Pathori, Dhomaram Loying etc. Kamala Miri and his co-worker Organised a volunteer force in Bankual village and recruited number of Mising youths for the purpose. The Central office of the volunteers was at Oportemera village Kamala Miri was the president and Boloram Paw was the Chief Secretary of the Volunteer force.

From March, 1940 Kamala became an active member of the District Congress Committee. He also tried to establish primary Congress Committees in the Mising inhabited areas. On 24th June,1940 he was appointed as a propagator of the Congress and chief of the santi sena organisation of Golaghat. On 23rd sep 1942 he was arrested in a police raid at the congress office of Golaghat. On 8th october, Magistrate Ashu Dutta convicted him for eight months and was sent to Jorhat jail. Where he came in contact with Gopinath Bordoloi and other Assamese leaders.

​ Kamala Miri was a great Gandhian. He had great faith on Gandhi and followed his principles. Synchronizing with Gandhiji's fast which started on 9 February 1943 Miri also began an indefinite fast in Jorhat jail as a token of respect for him. But his physical condition began to deteriorate due to hearth ailment. The jail authority tried to persuade him to apply for release by signing a bond of not going to the movement in future. But Kamala Miri turned a deaf ear to this and undauntedly replied "If I an to die, I shall die here in prison but would not sign disgracing the nation. I shall get out of prison only when India attains freedom."

​ But kamala miri did not live to see the dawn of independence. As his condition further deteriorated, he was shifted to the jail hospital. Finding no improvement in his health the Government finally decided to release him. His son along with some other reached Jorhat jail on 22 April 1943 evening to take him home next morning. But he breath his last in the midnight of 22nd april, 1943 in the lap of Narendra Nath Sarma.


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