• Brief History of Mising

    The Misings are an indo-mongoloid tribe mostly inhabiting in the Banks of the river Brahmaputra and its tributaries of Assam. A few live in and around Pasighat of Arunachal Pradesh. They are the second-largest tribal community (plain) of Assam. Originally they were hill dwellers and inhabited the northern hills of the upper Brahmaputra valley, in Siang and Lohit districts of Arunachal Pradesh. According to the Census of India, 2011 the population of the Mising community in Assam was 6,80,424 constituting 17.51 percent of the total ST population in Assam. 

  • Mising Language

    The Mising language belongs to the Tibeto-Burman group Sino Tibetan family [T. Taid, 1987]. Its closest cognate is the dialects spoken by the groups now commonly known as the Adis. Though there is a common language among the Mising tribe, but there exist different tone in each sub group. The sub-groups like pagro, Moying, Delu, Ayengia, Chayegia, Samuguria, Dambukial have slightly separate tones but same language.

  • Mising Traditional attire

    Different types of clothes and garments of Mising tribes are made in handlooms with simple implements and equipment. The varieties are seen in designs, colour combinations, and motifs are woven artistically in the clothes displaying aesthetic beauty. Different dress/cloth are used on different occasions in the socio-cultural life of the Mishing society. Some clothes woven by Mising women are Ugon(a drap for men of the tribe instead of modern pants), galuk(a woven shirt of the tribe for men), jinrek(a piece of garment used in the waist like a type of belt), dumer, ege, gasen, gero etc. 

  • Festivals of Mising

    The ‘Ali-ai-Lígang’ meaning first sowing or planting of roots or seeds is the prime festival of the Misings. It is celebrated in the spring season with pomp and grandeur on the first Wednesday of Fhagun month. Po-rag the post harvest festival of Misings is a festival of prayers and feast and is celebrated at an interval of 5 years or more. Another occasion, called Dobur, is a ritual performed occasionally by the village community for different purposes, such as to avert a likely crop failure and ensure general well-being of the community. In addition to the three traditional festivals, the Misings celebrates Bohag Bihu, Magh Bihu and Kati Bihu. 


All About Mising is a website created by a group of enthusiastic people with the sole purpose of promoting, displaying, and preserving the language and culture of the Mising tribe.


It also provides a platform for the young, conscious, and educated group of the Mising tribe to share Mising poem (Metom), short story, and articles on the Mising tribe.

Eminent Personalities of Mising Tribe

Kamala Miri

Freedom Fighter

Kulodhar Kutum

First Assam Civil Service officer and Deputy Commissioner

Dr.Jatin Mipun

First Mising Police Service (IPS) officer and PhD in Sociology

Tabu Taid

Educationist, Linguist, Author and Administrator

Rajendra Mili

Arm Wrestler

Utpal Miri

First Mising BE (Bachelor of Eng.) and ME (Master of Eng.)

Rajani Kanta Patir

IAS officer

Mrinal Miri

Indian philosopher and Educationist.


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All About Mising

A website created with the sole purpose of promoting, displaying, and preserving the language and culture of the Mising tribe.

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